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Elogia is an online marketing agency specialised in digital commerce marketing. We provide market intelligence and outbound and inbound marketing services. Our business is to get our clients to sell through digital channels. Always focused on the Internet, since 1999 we have served our clients with a team of over 80 people in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Vigo and Mexico City.

If you walk into any Elogia office spread throughout the world, you’ll see all kinds of people: geeks, trendy types, discreet people and extravagant ones. Yet they all share one thing: talent and the ability to see “beyond”.  They are professionals concerned with detecting, analysing and learning from mistakes. We have integrated people with R&D backgrounds into the DNA of the project—people who get passionate and engaged by challenges.

The result is a diversity that enriches us and allows us to share knowledge globally, a philosophy based on “thinking outside the box”. This is why we work in open offices. It is something that opens the door to listening, giving continuous feedback to our collaborators and helping them to grow with us.

Elogia is part of the Viko Group, the leading group of companies specialised in e-commerce marketing. Elogia is a brand owned by the company Iniciativas Virtuales, SA.

Other companies of the Viko Group include Ibrands, Moddity, Emma, ​​Mittum, Moose and M4E.

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