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Tecnocom is the third-largest information technology company in Spain.

A Spanish multinational company, Tecnocom is one of the top three businesses in the IT sector in Spain (at around 400 million euros in turnover) with extensive experience in operations carried out at a high technological level, like bank payments and automated systems.

It has a regional presence in Spain, Portugal and Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic), as well as in Miami in the United States.

This provides Tecnocom with a wide array of technological products and business solutions (AMS, IMS, business consultancy, BPO, outsourcing, managed services, networks and system integration) that covers all private and public sectors (banking, insurance, industry, telecommunication, media and utilities and public administration).

Through our customer service and continuous improvement, Tecnocom guarantees the quality of the projects on which it works. This enables us to give our clients added value through innovation, efficient management and the specialisation of our products and services.

Professionalism in execution and a calling to leadership are the engines driving the materialisation of our vision.

In March 2009, Tecnocom signed a strategic alliance (Getronics Workspace Alliance – GWA) with B.V. Getronics Internacional (an industrial partner and company shareholder that possesses 11% of the capital). This alliance enables Tecnocom to provide a reliable alternative for the service of outsourcing jobs around the world.

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