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Generalitat de Catalunya


Generalitat de Catalunya promotes the field of Information and Communications Technology in Catalonia.

Catalonia’s Smart Strategy (SmartCATalonia) is the Government of Catalonia strategy to transcend the ‘smart city’ concept to what the European Comission calls ‘smart region’ to roll out a programme including and coordinating local and supralocal initiatives, offering support to businesses and promoting ‘smart’ initiatives on a countrywide basis.

SmartCATalonia aims to transform Catalonia into a smart region that is an international benchmark, one that uses technology and digital information to innovate in the provision of public services, boost economic growth and promote a more intelligent, sustainable and cohesive society.

With this strategy the Government aims to improve the services provided for citizens, thanks to the more efficient use of resources and a more intelligent performance by handling the maximum amount of available information in real time.

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